Non NHS Services

Private Work

Some services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges (if this is payable by you, we will notify you on receipt of your request). 

Please see below a list of the private services we offer and their associated fees. If you have any queries or cannot see your request included in this list, please contact us. 

We always endeavour to complete your private requests within four to six weeks and to help our patients as best we can. 

There may be times when we are unfortunately not able to provide the information you have requested within four to six weeks, this is usually due to the pressure on the GPs workload as, understandably, clinical work and caring for our patient's health needs must take priority.

If your request is urgent, please let us know and we will try to do our best to help, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee when the work will be completed. 


Letter Requests

If you wish to request a letter from your GP in support of your: Blue Badge Application, Housing Application, PIP/Universal Credit Appeal, etc., please put your request in writing, clarifying exactly what you are requesting. Please note that we can only provide factual information. 

The standard fee for letters such as these is £30, to be paid by card on the day you submit your request. 


Viewing Your Medical Record

You are entitled to view the information recorded in your medical record. 

The most convenient way to do this is by signing up for Online Services with us. Once you are registered, you can request access to your Detailed Coded or Full Medical Record. Once you have registered for Online Services with us and access has been granted, information from your medical record will also be accessible through the NHS App. You will have constant and up-to-date access to your medical record. You can also print any information if required. 

Please visit the surgery to complete a registration form. Please note you will  also need to bring some ID (e.g. driving license, passport, birth certificate, etc). 

If you wish to request a printed copy of your medical record directly from the Practice, please request and complete a Subject Access Request Form. Please note that we can only provide you with one copy of your full medical record free of charge, subsequent requests will incur a reasonable administrative fee. Subject Access Requests will be responded to within 28 days. 


'Fit To' Certification

Such as Fit To: Fly, Dive, Skydive, Parachute Jump, Bungee Jump, Run a Marathon, etc.)

As General Practitioners, our GPs are not able to certify you as ‘Fit To’ participate in any of the above. This is because in order to accurately assess your fitness, a specially qualified clinician is most appropriately placed to do this and can perform any required investigations (such as an ECG, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, etc.).

We would recommend that you find a suitable private service offering this assessment.

We can provide you with a private letter summarising your medical condition(s), medical history and medication(s), but strongly advise that you check with the service provider to ensure that they will accept this in place of confirmation of your fitness. The fee for a letter such as this would be £30.

Alternatively, we can provide you with a summary of your medical record (detailing your past medical history and current medication).


Covid-19 Letters

Please do not contact the surgery to request a letter confirming your Covid-19 Vaccination Status or a Covid-19 Proof of Recovery Certificate, as we are unable to provide these. All information regarding your Covid-19 status is available through the NHS Covid Pass. 

Please visit the government website for further information:

Some private services may offer Proof of Recovery Certificates for a fee; further information can be found by looking online. 

If your positive test result is not recorded on your NHS Covid Pass or NHS App, we can provide you with a printout of the result from your medical record (free of charge), if the result has been automatically uploaded to your medical record. 


Please find below a list of the most common Private Medicals our GPs are asked by patients to perform, as well as our associated fee: 

HGV/Hackney Carriage

£150 to be paid by card on the day of your appointment. 

  • Please visit an Optician to request that they complete the 'Vision Assessment' section of your medical paperwork prior to your appointment with us. We ask that this is done by an Optician as they are best equipped and qualified to assess your vision. If you are unable to arrange this prior to your appointment at the Practice, the GP will complete the medical but hold off signing the paperwork until this is completed and they can review it. 

Adult Fostering / Adoption 

£150 to be paid by card on the day of your appointment.

  • If this is requested by the Local Authority (e.g. Southampton City Council, Hampshire County Council, etc.) then they will pay for you to have this medical. If you have gone through an independent service, they will clarify who is responsible for the £150 medical fee. 

Your GP may be able to perform additional medicals not listed above; please contact us to enquire (we will usually need to see the paperwork you have received). 

We are not able to perform investigations such as blood tests or ECGs for Private Medicals, therefore we will not be able to perform any requests requiring these and you will need to find an alternate service to complete you Medical (Private GP Services can be found on the internet). 

Please contact the Practice if you need to arrange a medical. We ask that you call within plenty of time prior to your medical being due, as the next available private medical appointment may be in four to six weeks time. Please notify us if your request is urgent and we will try to help as best we can, but please note that availability is limited and we cannot make any guarantees prior to us checking with your GP. 

Private Services Offered



One Page Letter / Form (standard fee for letter request)


Any Two Page Letter / Form (any additional pages will be charged at £10 per page)


Certification (e.g. Medical Certificate, Claim Form, Insurance Cancellation Claim Form, etc.)


Certified Assessment of Capacity

(inc. COP3 Form and Power of Attorney Form)



if specific home visit is required to undertake: £115

Full Medical Report


Targeted / Smaller Medical Report



TAXI / HGV medical



Any other requests that are not specified above will need prior agreement from the GP