Specialist Nurses

Arrangements for appointments with our attached staff are made following advice from a healthcare professional.  For more information, please ask at reception.

District Nurses

  • We have a number of nurses who work with the practice to look after people confined to their homes and who need skilled nursing care
  • Arrangements are made through the practice or the nurses can be contacted by telephone
  • The hospital will normally arrange for a nurse to call on patients discharged early who require home nursing
  • We also have a Community Matron to facilitate and improve the care of our housebound patients.

Community Wellbeing Team

  • The Community Wellbeing Team are a community based team of nurses and healthcare assistants specifically in place to support housebound patients in their own homes. 
  • With your consent your GP may refer you to the service
  • The service is aimed at all non-urgent care and therefore all appointments are planned
  • The service aims to improve independence, enhance quality of life, ensure a positive experience of care, support self-management of health conditions and encourage involvement and refer to other services


Our Community Midwives offer a full range of antenatal services, parent education, birthing at home and postnatal care locally.  They provide a flexible service which enables women to have more choice about where to access care.

Health Visitors

  • We have an attached health visitor who works to promote health and prevent disease
  • She gives advice to pregnant mothers and advises on the care of the under 5's with support and advice around the general aspects childcare as well as that of mental, physical and social wellbeing. 
  • The health visitors provide a Child Health Clinic at the Woolston Clinic.

School Nurses

  • School Nurses also work closely with Education, Social Care and other health professionals, to help children and young people to remain healthy and to ensure that any health needs are met. 
  • You can self-refer for this service or ask at your local school for further information.

Mental Health Nurse

  • Working for the local surgeries and based here at Woolston Lodge is Kay, a qualified Mental Health Nurse with experience working with people who have a variety of mental health conditions and challenges. 
  • Her role is to offer support to individuals with a variety of needs which affect their mental health who are not in contact with mental health services.  This includes offering an initial appointment to review the patient's individual needs and jointly developing a recovery focused support plan to identify appropriate services available in the community, or the need for a more specialist referral to meet the individual's mental health needs.
  • Kay offers a flexible approach to meet the patient’s needs and can provide education around understanding the individual's mental health and support the development of coping skills to improve overall mental health.  She works closely with the patient's registered GP and is able to review the effectiveness of prescribed medication with their primary role being to reduce patients experiencing a mental health crisis and improve overall mental wellbeing.


  • We have practice-based counsellors who hold weekly counselling sessions at the surgery.